If you have any questions about the way your data is stored and used in accordance to the GDPR regulations or a freedom of information enquiry, send an email to Chloé Carpenter.

Some of our professionals are unregistered barristers, regulated by the BSB. This will affect your dealings with them in certain areas. Your professional will discuss this with you if it is relevant.

PGC Advocacy is a Trading Name of Mr Philip Gordon Cowburn who operates as a sole trader. Mr Cowburn is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ZA425412), and, with HM Revenue & Customs. PGC Advocacy is not a provider of reserved legal activities in England and Wales, nor are we regulated as such, save for the fact that Mr Cowburn is a County Court Advocate and exercises rights of audience as an exempt individual within the meaning of the Legal Services Act 2007.

All persons associated with PGC Advocacy in a professional or administrative context are either volunteers or self-employed sole practitioners granted a revocable licence to operate under PGC Advocacy branding. All persons associated with PGC Advocacy in a professional or administrative context are responsible for their own compliance.

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